Does j egg white to burned skin really helps? Or it is just a myth?

Some of you might have heard that by applying egg white onto your skin right after it got burned will greatly help with the healing process. However, some say it is just a myth. Of course, it depends on how extensive the burn is. Also, if there is a wound, do not apply egg white as it would cause infection.

Recently, my wife made some cakes. As she took out the tray from the oven which was set to 180 degrees celsius, unknowingly, the oil from the tray poured onto her leg. What else, screams can be heard… probably also the smell of bacon… haha

So acting like a smart guy, I quickly took eggs from the fridge, separate out the egg white into a bowl and brushed it on her thigh. Then only I went to search the internet whether it works 😛 I have heard of such but never really pay attention to it.

To be continued…





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