Full Body Or Half Body Anesthesia?

Before entering the operation room, an anesthesiologist introduced herself and confirmed my details. She told me that I have two options, full body anesthesia or half body anesthesia. I replied by asking what are the pros and cons for those two.

She said that for full body anesthesia, some patients will experience vomiting when they wake up and also sore throat due to the tube that they will push in through the throat to control the patient’s breathing. And it is more expensive. The good part is that patient will be asleep during the surgery.

As for half body, 1% of the patients will experience a headache for a week and it is cheaper. But the patient will be awake, just unable to feel the lower part of the body. She also said she can administer sleeping pills for me if I want to be asleep during the surgery. Then I asked whether I will have back pains due to the anesthesia drug. She replied saying that this is not epidural.

I thanked her and told her that my choice is to go for full body anesthesia. The reason is that I can’t take it knowing that someone is cutting me up while I am awake and I can’t feel anything. Plus the sounds of the tools they use will freak me out. Imagine in the middle of the surgery, the doctor said “Oh shit!”. Then I will also say “Oh shit…”. Better for me to sleep than to experience the traumatic stress. Of course, I can take the sleeping pills too. Just that I didn’t have faith in those pills to keep me asleep long enough. Anyway, who needs two type of drugs in the system when I can just have one.

Well, this is just me and my thoughts. I am sure there are brave souls out there 🙂 The surgery was successful by the way 😛


Full Body Or Half Body Anesthesia? – Cont 1

Full Body Or Half Body Anesthesia? – Cont 2

Full Body Or Half Body Anesthesia? – End


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